Philosophy of Education


Community Christian Academy is a vital part of the ministry of Community Family Church. The goals of education at C.C.A. are to lead students to personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and their Lord, to foster Christ-likeness in the students, and to equip them and help them fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Education at C.C.A. is based on the principles of God’s Word as the ultimate authority and guide for life. A Christ-centered education continually views areas of knowledge through the perspective of God’s Word, magnifies the Lord Jesus, and leads children to the conformity of His image.

God’s Holy Spirit is our Schoolmaster at Community Christian Academy and we seek His leading and direction in all matters. He indwells all believers and leads them to understand spiritual truth and act according to God’s will. Spirit-controlled education is exemplified in the Christian school by first ministering to the students’ spiritual needs and then to their growth academically, socially, and physically. Training at C.C.A. encourages students to act in harmony with their Savior. The training is geared to prepare and equip each student, not only in sound, quality academics, but also to stand against evil and reach his own generation for Christ. The ministry of C.C.A. is the extension of the primary educational responsibility of Christian parents to train their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. C.C.A. works in close cooperation with the Christian home, yet the school ministry and those serving in it carry out their duties under the auspices and authority structure of Community Pentecostal Church.

We believe that obedience to parents prepares students to obey God Himself. C.C.A. teaches students to positively respond to the authority and leadership of the teacher, reinforcing their response and allegiance to their parents as God’s authority in the home and family.

Community Christian Academy’s educational program of instruction is based upon scriptural principles and philosophy to provide the general background, viewpoint, truth, and basic principles for interpreting the facts encountered in the study of any subject.