Principal: Tara Bates, M.A.


Tara Bates, M.A.

Mrs. Bates has had two sons and a daughter successfully graduate from C.C.A. to pursue college degrees with honors at local universities. She has been married to Pastor Tommy Bates since 1979 and filled the position of pastor’s wife at Community Family Church for over 30 years. Mrs. Bates has earned a Master of Arts in Education from Georgetown College and a Master of Education from from Northcentral University.

In August of 1991, Mrs. Bates was named Principal of C.C.A. She is active in the Oral Robert University Educational Fellowship (ORUEF) and in 2002 took Community Christian Academy through the process of accreditation. C.C.A. is now accredited through International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA), the Non-Public School Commission of Kentucky, and National Accreditation through AdvancED.