History of Community Christian Academy


Community Christian Academy began operation in August of 1983 as an A.C.E. school with students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. C.C.A. was born out of a strong desire to provide a Christian school for not only the Community Family Church family but also for the city of Independence and surrounding communities.

Jim McIntosh was called to be the school’s first administrator and he continued with the school for four year. During this time the school met in the church building. During the school year of 1985 the curriculum was changed from A.C.E. to a standard curriculum of A Beka.

In July of 1987, Wilma Angel replaced Jim McIntosh as principal of the school. Due to the overwhelming amount of church growth, Wilma Angel was needed to return to the church office as church secretary.

In June of 1988, Lisa Lay replaced Wilma Angel and served as the principal for one year. She returned to the classroom when Lane Farley was hired in 1989 as an associate pastor and principal of the school. Lane Farley remained principal for two school years. At this time, the school’s enrollment was 65 students. During this year, Shirley Schoonover began our Day Care/Pre-School program in the fellowship hall of our church.

In June of 1991, Tara Bates replaced Lane Farley and Shirley Schoonover and remains with the school and Day Care to this day. With enrollment growing from 65 students in 1989 to 110 students in 1992, God impressed upon the leadership of Community Pentecostal (Family) Church to press forward and build an educational facility. This facility would help meet the needs of the school’s growing enrollment and would meet the needs of other church-related ministries. The new facility included seven classrooms, two offices, and a full-size gymnasium called the Family Life Center. Most of the students and faculty moved into the educational wing during the 1993 school year. At this point, the school had grown to 130 students and the church still housed several classrooms for students. Curriculum changes were made to include: Bob Jones, McMillian McGraw Hill, Positive Action for Christ, A Beka, and D.C. Heath.

As growth and development of C.C.A. continued to 197 during the 1998/99 school year, further development of the gymnasium was begun. During the school year of 1999/2000, the gymnasium was completed and C.C.A. was able to use a facility that was totally paid off at completion. The gymnasium houses one full-regulation court, two junior high courts, stage, walking/running track, snack and food center, and boys and girls locker/restrooms.

In July of 1999, strides were made to complete an accreditation process through the International Christian Accrediting Association as well as joining the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship. We were accepted as a Candidate for Accreditation. C.C.A. is now accredited through ICAA, ORUEF, and the Non-Public School Commission of Kentucky.

May of 2000 brought exciting development to Community Pentecostal (Family) Church in that 65 acres of land were purchased for further development of our facilities. Our next building project was the Tara Center, an 18,000 square feet adult-learning center. The elaborate three-story, southern-style complex is named after the pastor’s wife and present principal, Tara Bates. The 1.5 million-dollar facility was completed on February 2, 2004, debt-free! It is utilized by the school as well as the church with seven new classrooms and an area for chapels.

During the school year of 2000/2001, C.C.A. served the families of Community Pentecostal (Family) Church with 44% of the students coming from the church body. Classes filled to the point that prospective students were put on a waiting list in grades two through twelve.

Independence, Kentucky is a rural/residential area within the tri-state of Cincinnati, Ohio. There are other Christian schools within a fifteen-mile radius, but very little competition exists between them. Basically, there are not enough Christian schools to accommodate the need.

As growth and development of C.C.A. continues, the aim is to combine the staff, the curriculum, the students and their parents to shape a person who will be well equipped to not only continue the educational process throughout life, but to also diligently serve God.