Mrs. Carol Stidham



Education:  Northern Kentucky University

Degree:  BA, Liberal Studies

First Grade

Mrs. Missy Cross


Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: BS, Sociology with a minor in Marketing

Second Grade

Mrs. Alicia Kinninger

Education: Liberty University

Degree: BS, Interdisciplinary Studies: Religion and Education

Certifications:  ACSI Elementary Education and Bible


Third Grade


Mrs. Jennifer McCrann



Education Northern Kentucky University

Degrees: BA and MA, Elementary Education


Fourth Grade

Miss Alexis Robbins



Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: BA, Education, Culture, and Society

Fifth/Sixth Grade

Mrs. Phyllis Stephens


Bible and History,  5th Grade Math

Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: BA, Liberal Studies

Fifth/Sixth Grade

Mrs. Jill Hill



Language and Science




Junior/Senior High

Mr. Ryan Smith


7-12th Bible                                        7-9th Physical Ed.                    Varsity Basketball Head Coach

Education:  Lee University

Degree: BA, Christian Education


Junior/Senior High

Miss Abigayle Robbins

English IV-B, Spanish, Typing, Creative Writing, Health, American Government

Education: Thomas More University

Degree: BA, Criminal Justice with a minor in Public/Nonprofit Administration

Junior/Senior High

Mrs. Renee McClanahan


7th-12th English                                7th-12th Guidance Counselor

Education: Lee University, Regent University

Degrees: BS and M.Ed.


Junior/Senior High

Mrs. Ally Jenkins

Algebra 2                                        U.S. and World Hist.                        8th Grade Music Theory,  Public Speaking, Art, and Strategic Thinking

Education: Eastern Kentucky University

Degree:  BA, Political Science


Junior/Senior High

Mrs. Sarah Gillum


7-12th Science                        Consumer Math

Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree:  BS, Biological Studies with minor in Chemisty


Junior/Senior High

Mrs. Amy Butler


PreAlgebra, Algebra 1,  PreCalculus, Calculus, Art Appreciation, Yearbook

Education: Oral Roberts University

Degree:  BS, Christian Counseling

Junior/Senior High

Mr. J.R. Wood


Algebra 1, Algebra 2/3, Geometry, Business, Geography,  6th Grade Math

Education: Thomas More University

Degree: BS, Business Administration