Teachers & Staff

 Kindergarten: Mrs. Carol Stidham
Carol Stidham Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts/Liberal Studies

Hobbies: Reading and spending time with my family

1st Grade: Mrs. Natalie Hafer
Natalie Hafer Education: Northern Kentucky University

Major: Major in English and Minor in Political Science and emphasis in writing.

Hobbies: Gourmet cooking, youth activities with her church group, and writing.

2nd Grade: Mrs. Debbie Fletcher
Education: Bachelor’s of Education from Liberty University/ Associates in Radiology from Miami-Dade Community College.
3rd Grade: Mrs. Debbie Berger
Debbie Berger Education: Morehead State University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in University Studies – Emphasis Business and Education

Extracurricular:  Teaching piano, working as assistant to Brian’s Berger Media Company. I have pattened a handwriting device that can teach the correct way to hold a pencil. It also assists anyone with arthritis by holding a pencil or pen in place while they move their hand.

Hobbies: Reading and writing stories

4th Grade: Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Phylis Stephens Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts/Liberal Studies

Hobbies: Shopping and Scrapbooking

5th Grade: Mrs. Sherry Helton
Shelly Helton Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts • Masters Degree

Major: Elementary Education Grades 1-8

Hobbies:Reading, Doll Collecting, and Gardening

 6th Grade: Mrs. Jennifer McCrann
Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts Masters Degree

Major: Elementary Education

Hobbies: Hiking, writing, reading and blogging about the Tri-State

7th-12th Grades: Mrs. Amy Butler
Amy Butler Education: Oral Roberts University

Degree: Christian Counseling

Extracurricular: Spending time with husband

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Quilting, and Spending time with my kids

7th-12th Grades: Mrs. Renee McClanahan
Renee McClanahan Education: B.S. from Lee University and M. Ed. Regent University

Hobbies: Reading, Spending time with family & friends, and shopping

7th-12th Grades: Mrs. Sarah Gillum
Sarah Gillum Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biological Studies with a minor in Chemistry

Extracurricular: Actively involved in my church, Community Family Church

Hobbies: Running, Volleyball, Gardening, and spending time with my family.

7th-12th Grades: Mr. Michael Mizer
Michael Mizer Education: Northern Kentucky University

Degree: BA in Psychology, Minor in English w/Literature Emphasis

Extracurricular: Co-Sponsor of Christian Honor Society, Honorary Member of Congressional Youth Leadership Council, and Member of Hickory Grove Baptist Church.

Hobbies: Time with family, Fine Arts, Dining Out, and Fantasy Sports

7th-12th Grades: David Helton
Education: University of Kentucky

Degree: Secondary Education Degree and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics

7th-12th Grades: Ryan Smith
Education: Lee University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education