Community Christian Academy Tuition 2017-2018

Registration Fee: $250.00 per child (non-refundable)

Application Fee: $50.00 one-time, non-refundable fee for new students

Book Fees:

  • Grades K-6 $150.00
  • Grades 7-8 $160.00
  • Grades 9-12 $170.00

Book fee due by September 1st.

Technology Fee: $40 Due by August 1st.

Gym Fee: $35.00 (For all students K-9 taking a gym class). Gym fee due by October 1st.
A gym uniform is required from Schoolbelles for all students in grades 1st-9th.

Standardized Testing Fee: $25.00 per student due by April 1st.

Classroom Fees: All classroom fees due August 1st

  • 7th-10th Grades: $25.00
  • 11th Grade: $50.00
  • 12th Grade: $20.00

Sport Fees: $150.00 H.S. extra sport $50 / $100 Elementary extra sport $50

Payment Options

  1. Annual tuition amount is divided into ten (10) equal payments (Aug.-May) to assist school families by providing them one additional month to spread out payments.
  2. There will be a 10% discount for grades kindergarten through twelve who pay a full years’ tuition by August 1st. If the student withdraws, no discount applies.
Grade Annual Tuition 10 Payments
Grades K-6th (1st Child) $3,050.00 $305.00
Grades K-6th (2nd Child) $2,950.00 $296.00
Grades K-6th (3rd Child)  $2,850.00 $285.00
Grades 7th-8th (1st Child) $3,350.00 $335.00
Grades 7th-8th (2nd Child) $3,250.00 $325.00
Grades 7th-8th (3rd Child) $3,150.00 $315.00
Grades 9th-12th (1st Child) $3,650.00 $365.00
Grades 9th-12th (2nd Child) $3,550.00 $355.00
Grades 9th-12th (3rd Child) $3,450.00 $345.00
  1. Monthly payments will be due on the first of each month starting in August. Accounts paid after the 10th of the month will incur a $10.00 late fee.
  2. There will be a $20.00 charge on all returned checks.
  3. Accounts 45 days in arrears will be brought before the school board for appropriate action. Students whose accounts fall 60 days behind will be dismissed from school until full payment is made.

*Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the school board.